Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Missouri Trip!

Eating Bees!

Wow, it's been a long time! I need to post some new pics but for now I have a crazy story to share. A few days ago I was at the park with Sadie and the two boys I babysit. I had a small bag of Finding Nemo fruit snacks. I was sharing them with Casey, the older of the two boys and after we had been playing on the swings for a while I walked over to the stoller and popped the last one in my mouth. Surprisingly there was some kind of little fuzzy that came with it. I flicked the mystery fuzz out of my mouth and YUCK it was a BEE! I almost ate a freakin' bee! blahadhaha BHalhk! The nasty little thing was still alive in the little cup holder of the stoller but it just curled up and died. I called Daric to share I horrible experience but got no answer so I called my mom. I knew she would really appreicate the story! She REALLY hates bees!