Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We LOVE Summer!

Memorial day we took advantage of Daric having the day off and drove up American Fork Canyon to enjoy a little picnic. Sadie had SO much fun trying to eat every rock she could get her little fingers on. We're going to have so much fun camping this summer!

Mommy's little helper

Sadie is just growing too fast! She loves to help me with the laundry! When I'm taking it out of the dryer she'll stand in front of me and hand me one piece at a time for me to put in the basket. So cute! Sometimes she thinks she's helping when she's really just making a big mess. It's amazing how it can take you all day to clean up the house when normally it would only take you an hour. This is only because you have to distract the little one with something to get a certain chore done....hence the picture. I love my little helper!!!