Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~My sweet Sadie lady~

We have had a very fun summer so far! We have been camping three times and Sadie has had so much fun each time! My parent bought a new motorhome and Sadie thinks she just rules the place. These are her two favorite places to play. Soon she won't fit under the table though. :)

Where is my brain?!

I need to vent! I'm just such a dope lately. I missed the wedding reception of one of my old roommates last night and I'm so mad at myself! I know I wasn't missed because the bride and groom are so overwhelmed by the day and everything going on that they will hardly remember who came and who didn't. And Becky is so sweet she'd never make a big deal of it. What really stinks is that I missed out on seeing her all pretty in her dress and glowing. I missed out on meeting the guy who took my cute roommate to the Temple. I missed out on seeing some old friends. I missed out on a lot by missing this! AND she was such a huge help at my reception and I didn't even show up to hers for 10 minutes. I'm really bumbed! I got Sadie to bed late last night, went in my room, found the invite on my night stand and thought to myself "Oh! When is Becky's reception? It's got to be soon" Pregnancy brain has never been so cruel to me before. Sure enough the date was Tuesday, the twenty first of July. I'm so mad at myself for not putting the date in my phone the day the invite came! Grrr!

I hope I get my brain back someday! And to those of you out there that didn't hear a happy birthday wish from me or I didn't show up to your shower, please know that if I had a brain I would have been there. :)