Friday, June 18, 2010

These are the days...

Our silly Sadie came outside to play at "Moma's and Papa's" house looking like this. Doesn't she look so grown up in this picture? Our baby is growing into a little girl right before our eyes. My favorite Sadie moment lately is when she gives me sudden hugs and kisses at random moments. I especially relish her fishy kisses!

Wow, it's been a long time. I have neglected our little blog for so long I would be surprised if there are any followers left out there. Oh well, I'll post a quick update in hopes that a few friends out there in the world haven't given up on our sad and lonely little blog.
Sarah is 9 months now and is all over the place crawling around and eating all sorts of gross stuff off the floor and out of the grass. She and Sadie are so cute together these days. Sarah watches her big sisters every move and loves to play and giggle with her. Sarah now has two teeth coming in so her nursing days are numbered. I can't believe my little Sarah Bear is on her way to turning 1 at the end of the summer.