Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The point of this picture is to display the sad fact that the pictures have to be taken from this angle to avoid a good shot of the extra chin that has taken up residence on my face...I think even my lips are retaining water! I'm looking far to much like a duck bill platypus when I wake up in the morning these days. Daric still sings "Good morning beautiful" to me though. *sigh*

Belly Update...


The belly continues to grow! I've realized that there is so much about pregnancy that no one ever tells you about...things like carpel tunnel, the fact that it hurts just to walk, your brain disappears somehow and you become butter-fingers and don't think about bending down to pick up whatever just slipped out of your hands!

Shana (my sister in-law) and her two beautiful kids, Kaelyn and Ezra, have been living with Daric and I for the past month and a half. We are so happy to have them living in Utah! We've also been successful in tricking the youngest of the Booth siblings into moving out here too. Tyler has also been living with us. Now if we can just get Bill and Teri out here! :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Monster Jam '08

Daric's First Post

Ok, so despite being labeled as a computer & internet geek, the truth is this is my first time posting on a blog. For the longest time I didn't even understand what exactly a blog was! Anyway, Kathie has done a fabulous job with our little family's blog, so I'm really glad she started it & not me (otherwise it wouldn't be so astetically pleasing)! I do however think that there needs to be a little touch of my somewhat redneck roots on here, as that is just part of who I am, so I am going to be posting some pictures of our latest trip to Las Vegas, NV for the Monster Jam World Finals! I've just finished editing all the poor video clips taken from my primitive digital camera, but they will suffice until I can get the nice HD ones from my brother-in-law. So I've got some awesome video & pics of really big & powerful trucks racing each other, crushing cars, trucks, trailers, boats, jumping incredible distances & heights, & all out destroying themselves! I hope ya'll enjoy!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

So that's not the only shirt I have, it just always happens to be the one I'm wearing when we finally take belly pictures. It's crazy how fast time if flying by we haven't taken that many pictures of my growing belly and our little girl will be here in just about 8 short weeks. Even though there is plenty to complain about (which I have no problem doing on a regular basis) pregnancy is fun and exciting. Sadie is a constant wiggle worm and really likes her own space. At my last appointment (30 weeks along) when the doctor put the little doppler thing on my belly and was listening to her heart beat she said she could feel her pushing back against is. She didn't like having her space invaded. Whenever I lie down on one side she starts doing bicycle kicks or karate chops, I can't tell them apart too well most of the time. I've mentioned to my doctor that she's all over the place ALL the time and the doctors response was "OH, I hate to tell you this but she's going to be a very active toddler" We have so much to look forward to!!!

The Belly!

I've had requests for pictures of my growing belly...
so there it is. :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mission Picture :)

Ok, so I have no idea how to get to the current pictures on our computer so this is all you get for now. I honestly have no recollection of this event...I have no clue why there was a mattress pad at the Visitors Center or how I had the time to take a little snooze. Funny thing is I thought I was tired then...HA! Pregnancy tired and mission tired are two different things. It would take hours of tracting to make your feet tired and somehow pregnancy makes your feet tired without any walking at all. I'll keep my feet up at work and the second I stand up to go fax something or go to the bathroom (a very frequent occurrence) my feet ache! Ok, I think I have complained enough for one post. I truely loved being a missionary and the tiredness that came with that calling. I really am enjoying the unique experience of pregnancy and all the tiredness that comes with it. And I can't wait to be a tired mommy too!