Monday, September 21, 2009

Two weeks old!

Sarah is two weeks old now! She had her first doctors appointment today and passed with flying colors. She is now 6 lbs 4 oz which is awesome considering she came home from the hospital at 5 lbs 9 oz. She's also grown half an inch! The craziest part is that we still haven't even reached her due date. I was fully expecting to carry this little one full term so it was a major shock when she came 3 weeks early! It is a bit crazy at times with the two of them but my parents are a HUGE help every day! I don't know how I would do it if I were home alone all day long. I'm sure we'll get there but right now it's so nice to have some extra help. Mainly they distract Sadie when I'm needing to feed Sarah or when I'm just wiped out and need a nap. I'm SO thankful for their help!!!

Sadie LOVES her baby sister and even says her name...well, sort of. It sounds more like "Yeah, Yeah" but she really is saying Sarah. It's really cute! She loves giving her kisses and would love it if mom would just hand her over and let her carry baby around herself. :) It is hard at times because I basically have to protect Sarah from her big sisters love. Sadie loves to point out Sarah's eyes(which means they are going to get poked out), she'll try to grab her ears, put her finger in her mouth and pat her head. Although we remind her all day long it's hard for a 16 month old to remember to be soft. :) Sadie is a great little helper though. She loves to get me a wipe when I'm changing Sarah's diaper and then she's always willing to go outside with me to throw the stink away. After she drops the nasty little thing in the garbage we both plug our noses and say "Ew, stinky" Sadie's sounds more like "DeeDee" but she sure plugs her nose on Q. She also loves to give Sarah her binky and she even tries to share her bottle with her. I love my girls!!! It's so fun to be a mommy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pictures to come!

Sarah is now more than a week old and she is doing great! Her days and nights are still a bit mixed up but we're working on that. Sadie loves her sister and can already say her crying...I'll post later. :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sarah Elayne Booth

Sarah Elayne Booth joined our family today, Monday September 7th, 2009. She arrived at 6:33 am after just less than 7 hours of labor & only about 25 minutes of pushing. She weighs 6 lbs 1.2 oz (I know, the 1.2 is weird, but that's what it said!) & is 19 inches tall! She has a full head of very dark hair, her daddy's chin, and the famous "Phillips ears." (very small ears for those of you not in the "know"). She is beautiful. She is healthy. We are so blessed to have her in our family!

Kathie is doing well also. She too is beautiful, healthy, amazing, wonderful - and the greatest blessing in my life! I love that our children have her as a mother, to teach them, guide them, nourish them, & love them. I love that she will be a role model for our daughters as a woman, mother, & daughter of God. She is my light, my love, my life, my heart - I love her SO much!

Here are a few pictures of Sarah, our new family, & some of our friends & loved ones that were able to visit us today. I cannot post all of our pictures because of the network here at the hospital, but I will put together a slideshow for our blog & create a photo album to post on facebook for any of you who follow Kathie &/or I on there also. We love & thank you all for your support and love towards us!