Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I need Daric...

I don't know how to make it bigger so this is what you get for now. I'll have Daric fix it when he gets home tonight but hey, atleast I got it scanned into the computer! If the pic where bigger you can see his two little hands. It was a fun ultrasound because the baby was such a wiggler.

Teeny tiny ultrasound

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

13 Weeks!

On Friday Daric and I went to my first appointment for our new little peanut. I had to switch doctors because my doctor that delivered Sadie isn't delivering through my due date for some reason. I was a little unsure about choosing a new doctor but we love this new one, Dr. Hebert (pronounced Ay-Bear), so far. We were at the office forever because she was called away for a delivery but it was worth the wait because we got to see our tiny baby for the first time. I was surprised that she did an ultrasound this early but it great because I was just expecting to hear the heartbeat. I will post the pictures as soon as I get them scanned in!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Update on the lady...

I am such a slacker when it comes to this blog so my apologies to those faithful few who still check my sad little blog for any updates. I hope you enjoyed the slide show of our trip to Missouri. We had a great time with my in-laws and Sadie got to meet a ton of family she'd never met before. I really wish Missouri weren't so far away. We're going to try to make it out there more than once a year in future years!

Our Sadie is growing so fast! She is 10 months old now and weighs about 17 lbs. She has 5 teeth now, well she's working on a few of them but she sure likes to grind them against each other. I keep telling her she's going to grind her teeth away before she even gets to really use them but she's just doesn't listen. :) She's still our little angel and is as happy as can be...unless she's hungry! This girl can eat and there isn't anything she doesn't like! She really likes to feed herself and loses interest real fast when we try to spoon feed her actually baby food but we try to sneak in a few things now and then. She walks behind anything she can get her hands on to use as a walker, she bobs her head to music and it seems she's starting to wave at people but we can't tell if she's just excited or if it's a real wave. Maybe a bit of both. :) The newest development, which just happened this morning, is her new found love for climbing the stairs. Guess it's time to buy a gate! I love being her mommy, she makes me smile and laugh every day, I love to watch her play and learn and I just can't imagine life without her! She loves her daddy SO much! She lights up with the biggest smile when he gets home for the day. It's really fun to watch them together!

Isn't this such a cute picture?! I love that she looks all confused...hmm...I wonder why... :)

Cute Sadie moments