Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christmas morning at our house...

When we all walked into the living room together and said "Santa Clause came!" All Sadie had to say was "Where's Santa Clause?" She was expecting the big guy to be there Christmas morning! I guess we forgot to explain that he was going to come, leave the presents and take off without saying Merry Christmas. :)
Sadie's favoite uncle!

Daddy doing his Christmas morning duty of setting the toys free from their boxes.

There's the smile :)
It's early, open some presents and then I'll smile.
Sadie Jane in her new little tutu.

The neglectful blogger

Hi, that's me. Dec. was a long time ago in the world of blogging! I didn't even post any Christmas picture! Well it's 7:38 am and my girls are still in bed and I'm going to take advantage of this blissful quiet time to update my sad little blog with some family pictures and try to write something of memorable value. :)