Monday, August 3, 2009

Yummy Snacks!

just like any other kid her age.Sadie loves to put just about anything and everything in her mouth, just like any other kid her age. She's ate a mouth full of dirt while I was pulling weeds. She's tasted leaves, flowers, wood chips at the park. She LOVES rocks! All very typical things for kids to put in their mouths when playing outside. Well just the other day we were inside, I was doing her hair and I noticed she was muchin' on something. She was nicely distracted from me doing her hair though and I figured it was the typical hair thing that she thinks is a fruit snack or something else relatively harmless so I finished doing her little pony tail real quick and took her in the other room. A come seconds later I remember "oh, what do you have in your mouth child?" To my surprise I pulled out 2/3 of a lady bug!!! Gross! I don't know if she found it outside and it's been in her mouth for the past 20 minutes, whether it was already dead when she got a hold of it...eww, let's just not think about the details. Poor ladybug!


Julie and Scott said...

You are so rocking your blog posts! Yikes, I haven't written anything in forever! You definately have inspired me :) Sadie is too cute in her little pink swimsuit! Sarah is so close to being here!! I can hardly stand the wait to see her adorable little face!

Amy E. said...

Huh...wonder how much nutritional value is in 2/3 of a lady bug...

Anonymous said...

Hi, How are you? Sadie looks like she LOVES the water! Good for her!
Sis. Mash, what is your latest e-mail address? I'm at a loss as to where to send your MIM reunion invitation.
Please e-mail me at
Thank you.
Love, Sis. H