Monday, April 18, 2011

She's a big girl now....well almost.

Sadie is growing up so fast! We have been potty training for just about forever. I have finally stopped putting her in pull ups but she still won't tell us when she needs to go. As long as I put her on the potty every 20 to 30 minutes we do great but if I forget....then I get to clean up the mess. This does not make for a happy mommy! I just got some good advice today to have her help clean up the mess if she pees on the floor or anywhere else really. I'm really hoping she potty trained in time for preschool in the fall!

On a fun note...Sadie LOVES to sing and pretends she's a princess just about all day long. Lately she sings songs from Tangled. She'll run around in circles singing "And running and chasing and running and chasing..." and on and on. Now it's "keep wonderin' and wonderin' and wonderin'....when my life beeeeeginnnn" She's never on tune but she makes up for it with cuteness.

Sadie is a wonderful big sister who even let Sarah hold her very special bag of fruit snacks today when I asked her to share with her sister. The girls make a big deal out of getting to hold the bag lately...I guess it's probably that if you're holding the bag then you get to eat as many as you want. :) She loves to teach Sarah how to talk and Sarah tries so hard to copy and repeat everything her big sister does.


Jess said...

Your girls are SOOOO super cute!!! And getting so big! I love seeing all these fun pics of them growing up. Aren't blogs great!?

Here is a little piece of advice. Alisha has done this with all her girls and pretty much gets the main part of potty training done in a week... she has them walk around with just a t-shirt on while at home, no diaper or pants... nothing. When they pee they don't like seeing it, and feeling it, go everywhere on them. Its a mess for that week, but she says its worth it. just an idea. :) I haven't tried it yet cause we are just at the beginning stages of getting used to what the potty is. Good luck.

Manda said...

Yep, holding the snack bag is a big deal for my girls, too. My younger one will say "bah!" because she needs her turn holding the bag, which is more fun than her older sister handing her whatever the food is one piece at a time.

Julie said...

I love it when I give GREAT advise! hehe :) Hope she gets the hang of it quick!

Kariann said...

Someone told me to do a potty stamp...every time they go they get a stamp on their hand, foot,leg, wherever...Brynlee LOVED it and at the end of the day would show dad how good she did. Then we scrubbed the stamps off and started over the next day. She was good after a few days! Also the helping clean up the mess helped us too! She is diaper free.

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