Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We're in trouble!

Sadie rolled over for the first time today and I totally missed out on the moment! I was in the kitchen where I nanny and I had left her lying on her back in the living room for a few minutes. I look over the high counter into the living room and she's lying happily on her belly holding herself up. I asked Casey (the 5 year old that I watch) if he put her like that cause he has been known to prop her up for tummy time before. He says he didn't but I didn't believe him at first. He insisted that he was over on the couch watching his show. My little girl rolled over and I missed it! I called Daric to tell him about the exciting event we both missed. Once I hung up I put her on her back again and sure enough she rolls right over like it's no big deal! I got the third one on camera!!!


Tricia B. said...

That's so awesome! Sadie is getting so big I can't believe it!

Erin said...

that is great!! she is growing fast! i can NOT believe it.